Many carers are worried about how they would cope with unexpected events. 

With all the other pressures on carers, it is not easy to find the time to sit and think through who could be called on in case of an emergency, or to ensure that the right information is available to someone stepping into your shoes on a temporary basis.


Carers in Hertfordshire can help you to draw up a contingency plan that works for you and gives the reassurance of knowing that arrangements can be put in place to at least hold the fort in case of your unexpected absence.

Knowing that there is a back up plan and that those who will stand-in for you have the information they will need, can do a great deal to relieve the anxiety of 'what if?'.

For more details on how to set up a backup plan, either on your own or with Hertfordshire County Council Health and Community Services (formerly ACS) see our  General Factsheets G11a and G11b.

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